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PDRC First Annual report

Manama, March 17 / us / on behalf of His Royal Highness Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, Prime Minister, HRH Sheikh Ali bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Deputy Prime Minister of the first annual report of the Commission of prisoners and detainees rights (2014-2015), and that the receiver Prince this morning at his office in the Palace of bull to Mr. Nawaf recidivism President of the Commission.
During the meeting, HH Sheikh Ali bin Khalifa Al Khalifa expressed his thanks and appreciation to the High Commissioner of prisoners and detainees and those who made it the rights, for their efforts in preparing this important report, which reviews the activity Commission and its work, stressing the importance of the role played by the Commission in the consolidation and maintenance of human rights in the Kingdom of Bahrain .
HRH stressed that the Kingdom has a distinguished record in the field of human rights is based on the constitutional foundations of a modern and sophisticated umbrella of laws that have made respect for the principles of human rights a central pillar in the policy of the kingdom.
His Highness praised the commission's report, including being overwhelmed by information and data value that reflects what has been achieved successes in monitoring the development in the conditions of prisoners and detainees, wishing to UNHCR more success.
For his part, Mr. Nawaf recidivism, my sincere thanks and appreciation to His Royal Highness the Prime Minister on a permanent interest in his support and sponsorship of various organs and institutions working in the field of human rights, on the basis of faith in his infinite importance of promoting human rights as a measure of the progress of nations, and attended.
He stressed that thanks to the support of His Royal Highness the Prime Minister of Prisoners and Detainees Rights Commission has been able to play its role with the utmost impartiality and independence.