Friday 02 June, 2023 | عربي


Chairman of prisoners and detainees rights commission meets with the National School of Government International in Britain

President met with prisoners and detainees Rights Commission, Mr. Nawaf Mohammed recidivism OHCHR headquarters in Seef District yesterday with Dr. Richard Jarvz president of the National School of the Intergovernmental Management in Defense Academy of the United Kingdom, and who is visiting the Kingdom of Bahrain now, accompanied by a delegation from the British Embassy in Manama, At the outset of the meeting, welcomed the Prime Commissioner British Guest, then briefed him about the establishment of the Commission and its role in the prisons and detention centers and care centers for juveniles and detainees control, also discussed together aspects of possible cooperation between the Commission and national and international school of government, and to take advantage of the leaders in the areas of UNHCR's work in the framework of the training programs of international experience and professional development.
The meeting was attended by the prisoners and detainees Rights Commission by Mr. Osama Ahmed Asfour, Ms. Maria Khoury, Mr. Wael Rashid Buallay.